Pet Surgery in Asheville

Healing pets through surgical expertise.

Did you know pet's often undergo at least one surgery in their lifetime? We're here and able to tackle most surgeries directly in our hospital.

We provide comprehensive surgical care to ensure your pet's well being.

Ever wondered about the behind-the-scenes magic in pet healthcare? Well, let me tell you about something pretty incredible: surgeries for our cats and dogs. Yep, just like us, pets sometimes need surgical interventions to fix things up. Whether it's a routine procedure like spaying or neutering, or something more complex, like certain orthopedic or soft tissue surgeries, these procedures can be a game-changer for their health and happiness. And guess what? While we handle many surgeries right here at our hospital, like routine procedures and minor surgeries, for orthopedic surgeries and complex soft tissue cases, we work with specialized referral partners to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. So rest easy knowing that we've got your back (and your pet's!) when it comes to keeping them healthy and thriving.